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  • Dirk Selbad

Who is creative and innovative? How can ideas and solutions best be developed?

Every person is creative and innovative! Regardless of whether the ideas are evolutionary or revolutionary, practical or impractical, simple or complex, each one is creative and innovative. There are no exceptions, only differences. Not all are creative in the same way. innovative. There are many different types of creativity. Our creativity is described by four variables, which are: the level of creativity, the language, the motive and the opportunity.

The level of creativity. This concerns your own mental capacity. So every brain has a certain size and shape. In addition, a special talent can come, say for math or for language, for art or for dance.

The creative expression. It describes how the brain interacts with all the knowledge and experiences one has. For example, some people are more structured and they refine their ideas more carefully and in more detail. Others are less structured and can think better out of the box.

The described variables (level of creativity and expression) are each in a variety of different forms. The combination of these two variables in turn results in a much larger number of different creative profiles and each one of them is useful! In addition to the described two variables, there are two external factors that can change in situ. This brings us to motive and opportunity.

The motif. We are motivated by different things. And depending on what and how high the motivation is, it affects how much energy we are willing to spend on creative efforts. Some people are motivated by financial incentives, others by doing good works or gaining a reputation. The motives are very different and can change from case to case. So let's ask ourselves: What would motivate me at the moment?

The opportunity. We all see opportunities differently. Something can be perceived as a fantastic opportunity for somebody, but it is completely uninteresting to someone else. So the way we see and perceive opportunities is different.

The motive and the opportunity, in contrast to the level of creativity and creative expression, can change situationally. Incidentally, there is never an ideal combination of these variables broken down to a single person. The best combination is when as many different types of people come together. If you are looking for ideas or solutions, for example, in a workshop, it is important to invite as many different types of people as possible (of course, differences in age, role as stakeholder, subject knowledge, training, etc.) should be taken into account, so that the desired creative diversity of ideas can be collected can.

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