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  • Dirk Selbad

Digital waves

Digital and technological progress is progressing faster and faster. The traditional business is challenged by the digital transformation. Successful companies recognise and use the new possibilities correctly. But where is my company? Which digital wave am I surfing on?

The «app» wave

My company is now digital, I have launched a new app on the market. My products & services are now clearly advertised on their own website and I have this attractively packed into a story with a new app. My customers can inform themselves at any time!

The "e-commerce" wave

My company has a new distribution channel. My products & services can now be purchased online. The webshop gives me access to new customer segments and a much bigger market. My customers can shop at any time!

The «Digital Transformation» wave

My company has focused on the client and other stakeholders and has reworked the entire value proposition and business model. The digital is now at the center of my company. My customers have access to my products & services at any time and immediately!

Netflix masterfully surfed these digital waves

A successful example of the digital transformation is Netflix. Netflix made the transition from mail-order homepages to a streaming company. At the beginning, the products were only online. With the ordering of DVD's via the website (e-commerce), a second step was the opening of a new sales market to the previous business model. Even with the digital transformation, the core of the existing model was retained - "a large selection is offered in a comfortable way". However, much has been completely redesigned, for example the customer resp. Services, prices, supplier contracts, marketing and much more. The customer could be reached in a new way, which made it possible to expand the offer by own productions.

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