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  • Dirk Selbad

The basics for many good ideas

Targeted and good ideas at the right time are a challenge. What is the requirement to achieve this? The terms openness, classification and creativity form the basis for innovative ideas.

Openness. So you have to be open to ideas, but how is that meant? Openness must not only exist for ideas that are considered normal and logical, but also for ideas that are unfamiliar and unknown. Maybe you have the feeling "that's not possible", but you should not let this feeling stop you for the time being. Structure also plays a role under this point. Depending on which type you count, openness to more or less structure is also an issue. If you belong more to the structured type If you allow "out-of-the-box" ideas, you are less structured, you should be open to more detailed and structured ideas.

Many digital business models are revolutionary and can change entire industries (eg Uber). Openness to something new or different must be present in such a business model, because to fall out of the norm and to try something also requires courage.

The second point is understanding the problem. On the one hand you should be able to classify in which direction a solution should go. Appropriate suggestions should be addressed to the problem. On the other hand, you want to be able to classify in which phase of the problem-solving process you are. If you are at the beginning, the solutions may be in the range of concepts, towards the end the solution will become more and more mature.

When you're at the beginning of an app development, it's important to have ideas in mind. When faced with a problem during development, it's about finding the best possible solution to a specific problem.

Tools, then the right creativity techniques, procedures and software are the third point. Brainstorming is probably one of the best known and most popular creativity techniques, but there are many more. It is best to have your own tool box with techniques that can be used for different problems, groups and guidance. The right and conscious application leads to the desired creative ideas. The use of appropriate software (eg innovation tools) offers further recommendable support. Ideas become transparent and measurable, and best practice approaches increase effectiveness and creativity.

The head feels so empty and solutions to the problem simply do not want to come, with questions from different angles and inspiring pictures, there is nothing in the way of many spiritual flashes.

Good ideas can not be forced, but the above three points are the prerequisite for allowing good ideas. Good ideas can come at any time, maybe while jogging, driving, showering or waking up, etc. So we have this time when ideas come up automatically. The challenge is to allow and keep those ideas. So if possible, make a note of it, maybe there's even an app for the innovation software.

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